Living to Learn


I love to learn. Just about everything. In fact I live to learn, and my definition of life involves being a perpetual student.

I’ve had an interest in everything from Madagascan wildlife to dark matter, classical music theory to rock climbing, and cooking with red wine to Elliott Wave Theory. And of course programming and web design.

While I love all things technical or scientific in nature, most of the above interests have been limited to what I can get my hands on in magazines, journals, or the Science Channel.

However, here’s some topics (outside of core competencies) of which I’ve taken at least one substantial structured course of 10+ hours:

  • Secrets of Mental Math with Professor Arthur T. Benjamin
  • Time management
  • Speed reading
  • Super Power Memory with Harry Lorayne
  • E-mini futures trading
  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • Classical music history
  • European history
  • Photography
  • French, Korean, Spanish
  • Piano, guitar

Comments always welcome.